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Rogue Trooper Movie

rogue trooper movieRogue Trooper

A Genetic Infantryman (G.I.), Rogue is one of an elite regiment of biologically-engineered clone troops, created to overcome Nu Earth’s hostile atmosphere and fight, unhindered, against the brutal Nort War machine. After witnessing the betrayal and annihilation of his entire regiment at the Quartz Zone Massacre, Rogue has gone AWOL, determined to hunt down the traitor general who sent his brothers-in-arms to their deaths.

I officially announce there should be a Rogue Trooper Movie. Hollywood take notice. UK Movie Studios take notice.

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  1. Mig Lowsley-Williams Says:

    Absolutely…, video games, literature, illustration, any form.

    Rogue Trooper would make an insanely great film especially with some way other comic heroes have faired, (Batman Begins, Spiderman, V for Vendetta….so on.) With the right direction it would be jaw dropping, (Christopher Nolan , Sam Raimi, James McTeigue.)

    In fact, I believe it would expose Rogue Trooper to that most elusive market…America. And they would love it. Americans would eat it up, and with the exposure would come fans searching for more. They may even get over their phobia about the comic book shape and size.

    Rebellion 2000AD would reprint and expand on it’s universe. More games, film, animation, comics, etc. Who knows maybe even change the size and shape of their comics. (Only to find masses of fans seeking to collect in original UK format.)

    It would be nice to have American involvement, but quite frankly I’m sure there is enough interest in the rest of the world to make it a huge success. Although I do feel that a British production would do it the best justice as far as keeping it true to what we grew up with.

    If I could, I would and I’d bet the bank on it.

  2. jonathan noble Says:

    Come on people we NEED a Rogue Trooper movie the world will be a better place for it. He has to be the ultimate hero. What a movie it could be done right it would leave the lord of the rings not just in the shade but in total darkness

  3. Steg Logan Says:

    Think maybe be on a par with Lord of the Rings but defo wouldn’t leave it in total darkness. That’s just stupid talk, however I have always said Rogue Trooper has an amazing background and story for a movie franchise which done by the right person could be truly something special

  4. leem77 Says:

    your right ,im currently trying to get dwain johnson interested in the role ,remmembering as you siad steg that the original story would make one hell of an opening .
    trying to recover his 3 freinds wow what a movie .
    what do you think

  5. leem77 Says:

    ive still got the original comic from 2000AD and am willing to send him it if he wanted .
    will keep you boys posted k

  6. Dieter Erxleben Says:

    i have given this a lot of thought and dwain johnson is the wrong person for the role, my vote is for Kevin McKidd

  7. kev Says:

    ok i agree rogue for the big screen!

    sure it could run to at least a couple of films

    so who owns the rights and how do we get the studios interested

  8. Dave Says:

    A film of the original Rogue! I think Vin Diesel would make a great casting choice. More difficult would be casting the right “voices” to play as his biochip buddies.

  9. Mammoth Says:

    Clive Owen. Give him a mohawk and dunk him in blue, then clone him 10,000 times. Lookout Traitor General!

  10. Mammoth Says:

    Not Vin Diesel. Stop saying that guys. Gerrard Butler if you have to do the Charles Atlas look, (a bully kicked sand in my face, so I hit the gym then de-boned him like a fish), but not ‘The Pacifier’ please!!! Also, I like the original storyline, but the bare chested superhero look it just TOO comic book (oops, sorry - GRAPHIC NOVEL). The later military look vision is the way to go. Sepia tones & hyper-reality (think ‘Gamer’ with more gymnastic moves).

  11. Grahame HeywoodVision Says:

    I stumbled on this forum last night, I’m currently becoming involved in writing my own screenplays in script format, has anyone taken up the Rogue Trooper story and tried putting a script together?

  12. bessell Says:

    if they do i have one fear…

    they need to get the relation between ROUGE and his equipment, if they fail in that then they cant make the film. end of story.

    also who would play him?
    any suggestions?

  13. Gaffer 138 Says:

    Vin Diesel or Jason Statham for Rogue, I think it has to be a more physique based decision than a acting skills decision as this will be the ultimate action/war film. some of the actors already mentioned could be used for Gunner/Helm/bagman, assuming the film will use the Quartz zone massacre as a starting point. There’s definately enough story here for a trilogy

  14. Phil ACE Says:

    They have remade the Judge Dredd movie (even after Stallone cocked it up - I could rip that movie to pieces, but that is for another time)and it looks to be not bad.. In saying that we already have a foot in the 2000AD universe and YES making a Rogue Trooper movie would be excellent and Starting at the Quartz zone massacre has to be a must otherwise anyone who has not read 2000AD would not know what is going on… and due to the fact that Rouge Trooper is constantly trying to find the traitor the story could be carried over a few movies even throwing in when Gunner gets reborn with a subconscious command to kill Rogue Trooper and with telekenisis (the ability to summon his rifle with his mind) which carries over when his chip is put in his rifle so that Rogue can summon gunner at a distance.. As I said there is plenty of material to work from to make some good movies…

  15. Vroom Says:

    +1 Do it! Do it! Is one being made now? Come on! Do it! It’ll be awesome!!!

  16. Bill Anders Says:

    Anyone hear about The Crystal Tear. It’s supposed to be something new in SciFi, but I can’t find any information about it. Why is it being kept so secret? I think it’s a movie coming out soon, supposed to be awesome, but everything is hush hush. anyone here anything about this?

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