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Lost Series 4 Finale

Lost TV Series Theory Generator IdeasLost Series 4 : The End

Ok, here’s some random, off the top of my head, guesses about what is going on in LOST Series 2:

The numbers 4 8 15 16 23 42 are biblical references which somehow mirror what is going on in LOST.

Mr Eko is a such a mad bloke that the dark, evil sentient cloud is actually scared of him (or rather, Mr Eko can face his own demons).

The Island is manifesting people’s desires into a physical state.

The button is a red herring, nothing will happen if it’s not pressed.

The passengers are being killed off in the order they would have done had they died on the plane (similar to Final Destination the movie). So the climax of the series will be at the end of Series 4 where there’s just one survivor absolutely scared out of their wits, and promptly dieing of fright. - (Blimey, I hope not!)

The production team for LOST just wanted an excuse to party it up in the Bahamas; sun, sea, sand.

I think that LOST is some of the best tv broadcast in a long time - simply because it’s so chaotic, unpredicatable and is always getting the viewer to ask, “what the…?”

And if you don’t already know, I’m behind the rest of the world; I’m only just watching the middle half of the first half of LOST Series 2.

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  1. Alaa Hassan Says:

    The (Series final) of the third Season of Lost, was Confusing, the mysterious way the Episode ended,we got five things ,we couldn’t find out
    1- Who was dead?, & Jack went to his funeral?,& Why the hell didn’t Kate want to go to this Funeral?
    2-Who is waiting for kate?, & wondering where she is?, Is it “Sawyer”?, Or who?
    3- What’s with Naommi?, Is she bad or good?, Did she have the beginig of an end like Ben said?, What happened to them?
    4- Why did Jack end the episode by saying , “We weren’t supposed to come back?, what really happened there on the island?
    5- How did Walt appear of the Nowhere to Locke, telling him he has work to do!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    I’m waiting so much to watch the fourth season to see what happens

  2. tacie Says:

    does anyone know when the fourth series of lost will be shown on tv. thanks

  3. renay Says:

    i was completly “lost” at the end of series 3 didnt understand what had happened why it ended the way it did i really cant wait for series 4 i think that is exactly what the producer wanted as it has made me want to watch it i cant wait!

  4. martin Says:

    Series 3 of Lost was brilliant, really because, in many ways an awful lot was resolved. We found out what happened to the Dharma corporation and who “the others” are (well, sort of) and Locke’s and Sawyer’s back stories converged and so on. And we alsp had Jack’s brilliant plan and Ben being defeated and everybody getting rescued just like we were hoping they would. Except, of course, :ocke was right, it wasn’t meant to happen because we still don’t know what “the others” were really up to. How come Ben is so apparently evil, when he started out as a lost kid? What happened to the girl who gave him the doll? What or who is Jacob? How and why do dead people keep on turning up on the island? How come Locke can walk and why is he special? How come Richard is younger now than he was when Ben met him as a kid and why isn’t he the leader instead of Ben? And all of the other stuff the guy above here pointed out.
    Also, will we ever find out?
    My guess is that they will run out of money before we do.

  5. harry Says:

    i lov lost so much.Im 10yrs old man and its not scary tho on series3 Echo dies

  6. sophie Says:

    i want to see series 4, i havent seen it yet, i dont have sky, i love juliet, i want jack to love her, i thought he did love her, but on the last episode of series 3 he is all hung up over kate,, juliette loves him,, im confused

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