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Closet SciFi Geek Interviewed

stephanie brail closet scifi geekAn Interview With The Closet SciFi Geek: 28 August 2006

Stephanie Brail has been putting her thoughts up on Science Fiction (.. News And Reviews For Cool Nerds) for a while now, which is always an interesting read; I thought I’d get to the bottom of just why she’s a Closet SciFi Geek.

What gave you the idea of setting up your blog on Science Fiction?

I had gotten one of those online movie rental accounts, and started catching up on a lot of science fiction shows and movies. The problem was, once I was done watching something, I was itching to discuss it, but I didn’t have anyone to talk to about it. My friends are mostly not interested in this stuff, with a few exceptions. So I started Closet Sci-Fi Geek so I could decompress and debrief after viewing something that interested or intrigued me.

How would you sum up your attraction to Science Fiction?

I am a very imaginative, creative person, and science fiction (as well as fantasy) brings you to whole other worlds. Sci-fi expands the brain. It shows you what is possible. It helps us to reach for new horizons, as well as warns of potential pitfalls in our current path.

It’s also just plain fun.

From reading your blog, I came to the conclusion you are very much a watcher of scifi, rather than a reader or listener - is this true?
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Science Fiction Blogs

scifi blog rss enabled imagescifi blog rss enabled imageSF Signal have a neato page which lists some Science Fiction and Fantasy authors who blog.

Included on the list are authors such as Greg Bear, Gregory Benford, Jay Lake, Elizabeth Bear, William Gibson, Liz Williams and Charles Stross.

It looks like it’s kept upto date and most of the sites mentioned are RSS enabled, so you should be able to keep track of their writings quite easily.

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Night Is Day : Gets Sunday Times Press Attention

shian denovan and chris sommerville star in Night Is DayThe Sunday Times Does A Piece On Night Is Day

The article on Night Is Day in the Sunday Times made me wonder if if the reporter is not actually shouting out for a superhero to patrol the streets of Glasgow - what with his quoting murder statistics, even down to the most dangerous street etc etc.

Anyway, it shows that the national press is interested in this kind of low budget movie making, and I’ve come to see over the past few months, that they do indeed take an interest.

I believe that the article was also in the ‘paper’ Sunday Times, so if anyone has a scan, then please send it through to us (Fraser!).

The internet movie serial, Night is Day, is created by Fraser Coull who runs the Scottish Independent Production company, Silly Wee Films.

Read more on Night Is Day.

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Why Do Men Love Scifi? The Observer Comments

Richard Hawkins Editor Scifi UK ComBecause They’re Cool - That’s Why

Well, realistically, who knows? Well apprently a writer at the Observer likes to think he does.

Go there and comment at him, and read the comments. I admit it’s been a while since he’s written it, but what is one year.

Some of the comments are very interesting too. To quote just one comment:

“It’s also a necessary social filter. Good looking chicks don’t like science fiction; so you over the course of time you’ll get a race to the bottom amongst sci-fi geeks as they have to mate with uglier and uglier women until they eventually join the neaderthals.”

And I have to say, ‘good looking chicks’ DO like science fiction. I can vouch for it.

Still, it’s an interesting read.

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Is LOST Scifi?

Is LOST lost?

For me, I’m not sure yet. Give LOST few more episodes and we’ll probably know, or at least get an inkling as what is actually going on.

For you? I don’t know, click on the poll or comment.

I’ll tell you what, it’s weird, well written, a topsy turvy script which is going in the right direction - at the moment.

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