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Moon Based Space Station With Liquid Breathing Aliens

Q) I am searching for the title of a 1960s or 1970s UK produced television sci-fi show. It was about a moon based space station the would intercept random incoming alien space ships. The aliens wore a “space” suit and were liquid breathing.

I thought the show was Space1999 but after reviewing the on-line information this isn’t correct.

A) Ah ha, yes, with the mention of a moon based space station it does sound like Space 1999. After a bit of digging around it appears it could be the TV series UFO (pronounced you-fo and you-eff-oh in the series). Some of the episodes included aliens which breathed liquid. I just love their hair-doos.

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Archeology Of The Future

Archeology of the Future: It’s a website about the histories and futures of British Science Fiction, with the tagline ‘digging through the past to uncover the future’.

Archeology of the Future believes that there are some things about British science fiction that set it apart from the science fiction of other countries but which are not widely known or explored today. In a series of cultural archeological excavations it uncovers and brings to light forgotten, overlooked or ignored aspects of the british contribution to the history of science fiction.

This is certainly an interesting and informative site, although at time of writing it hadn’t been updated for about a month which is a shame. Worth a look.

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