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Mark Davis: Plastic: Interview

Plastic The Movie Actors Actresses Screen ShotPlastic From Retro-Juice: Questions And Answers.

Thanks so much for coming along to the screening – glad you liked the mini-movie and got our anarchic Q&A fun afterwards. Especially enjoyed the Commodore 64 comment: I do indeed own my original fully functioning C=64 and those front titles were my little tribute to it… as well as setting the whole computer game tone that runs through. The reaction to the short has been amazing, and I’ve been crazy busy setting up feature film projects off the back of the buzz that the short has created. I wanted to find some time to go through your questions properly, which I’ve enjoyed doing.

Who were the people (from left to right) who were in the QA/Interview?

(from left to right) Adnana Isratescu (actress), Niko Nicatera (actor), Stephen Harvey (publicist), Mark Davis (writer/dirctor), Luke Toulson (curzon soho host).

Toulson and Harvey are a brilliant comedy duo we are working with, who were shortlisted for the Perrier award in the Edinburgh Festival last year, and it occurred to us that we could have some fun in the Q&A after the screening. So Luke played ‘art’, and Steve played ‘commerce’ – the idea was to have a battle between the two, and do a slightly subversive post-screening chat in the spirit of the film. We didn’t want to take things too seriously. We figured that if people were good enough to come out for a 15 minute short film, we should lay on a bit of a show for them. The point was that just because something ‘looks’ like art, doesn’t mean it is, and just because something ‘looks’ like commercial entertainment, doesn’t mean it isn’t art. Hopefully the audience got an idea of what the film was about through this bit of stand-up, and were given a full hour of entertainment.

What inspired the movie?
Read the full story

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BLOCspace Quatermass Details

quatermass exhibition logoThe Quatermass Code

A collaborative installation by a.a.s.

For their exhibition at BLOCspace, Birmingham based art group a.a.s. have created a collaborative work in the form of a television set of a Science Fiction control room. Based on ideas from Nigel Kneale’s popular 1950’s series Quatermass, the installation includes monitors showing News-24 style footage about a mysterious occurrence, and the team attempting to save us from this possible threat.

However, it soon emerges that the reports are being affected by the event, which distorts perceptions and fragments media. By entering and interacting with the installation, members of the audience become drawn into this process, uncertain of the levels of truth and fiction that are being presented.

a.a.s. often work collaboratively with other artists and the audience to blur expected categories and preconceptions. On this project, artists from various regions including Birmingham, Leicester, Nottingham and Sheffield have contributed elements such as panels or video phone footage, which have then been assembled by a.a.s.

Other participating artists include: Anachron-Gen (previous BLOCspace exhibitors); Adam Baker; Ana Benlloch; Tomas Chaffe; Casey & McAree; Jo Hodgson; Feng-Ru Lee; Anthony Lopez; James Moore; Paul Newman; Ed Orton; Reuben James Preston; Elizabeth Short; Alex Stevenson; Stuart Tait; Ed Wakefield; Jonathan Waring; and Dan Williamson.

There will be a performance during the exhibition preview on 7 April between 7 and 9pm. All are welcome to come along and become a part of the Quatermass Code.

The process of meeting and negotiating with artists in Sheffield was supported by the Networking Artists’ Networks initiative (NAN) through a-n The Artist Information Company.



Entrance to the gallery is free


Thursday to Sunday 12-6pm

Private view and performance: Friday 7 April 7-9pm

Artist Talk: Sunday 23 April 2pm

aas artistsCONTACTS:

Katie Owens 07813 512510 or Richard Bartle 07773 434327

BLOCspace (gallery), 71 Eyre Lane, Sheffield S1 4RB

BLOCprojects (office), 198 Arundel Street, Sheffield S1 4RE - 0114 2723155

FURTHER INFO: Further information about the exhibition space and artists at BLOC studios can be found at where you can also download high quality press images

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Interzone 203

Interzone Issue 203 BI Monthly SF Scifi Magazine UKInterzone Issue 203

84 pages, gloss laminated cover, full colour throughout, burst bound with a spine, printed by craftsmen.

Cover art:

Exiles by Mark Garliick


Among the Living by Karen D. Fishler
illustrated by Chris Nurse

The Furthest Schorr: 32 Fugues on the Paintings of Todd Schorr by Paul Di Filippo

After the Party 3/3 by Richard Calder
illustrated by David Senecal

Ten With A Flag by Joseph Paul Haines
illustrated by Martin Bland

The American Dead by Jay Lake
illustrated by Rik Rawling

Wane by Elizabeth Bear
illustrated by Ian Simmons


Ansible Link by David Langford
news & gossip

Mutant Popcorn by Nick Lowe
– also in the films section: DVD reviews by Michael Bunning

Scores by John Clute
book reviews
– also in the books section: more book reviews and Neal Asher interviewed by Sandy Auden

Mangazone by Sarah Ash

Where the Wild Girls Are: K.J. Bishop interviewed by Richard Calder

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National Museum Of Australia SciFi Artshow

conflux 3 logo art competitionCALLING ALL ARTISTS For International Sci-Fi Art Show With £2520 In Prizes

Entries are now open for the new Conflux International Art Show which features AUD $6000 (approx. US $4500 / UK £2520) in art show prizes for science fiction, fantasy, horror, surreal, astronomical, comics, manga and related art.

The art show will take place in conjunction with Conflux 3 “one of the largest science fiction and pop culture conventions held in Australia” from Friday 9 June to Monday 12 June 2006.

Prizes include one AUD $2000 (approx. US $1500 / UK £840) award for Best in Show, two AUD $1000 (approx. US $750 / UK £420) awards for Best International and Best Australian, and four AUD $500 (approx. US $375 / UK £210) awards for Best Student, Best Comic, Best Manga and Best Digital.

To enable the greatest participation by international artists, artwork will primarily be displayed as prints from digital format (printed by a professional art printer) or in a projected slide show.

The first opportunity for artists to submit artwork for consideration by the pre-selection committee will be open until 27 March 2006. A second opportunity to submit artwork will be opened through to 28 April 2006.

Initial notification of acceptance into the Art Show will be announced on 7 April 2006 with the award winners to be presented on Sunday 11 June 2006 at Conflux 3.

The show will run from 2-12 June 2006, including one-week prior to the Conflux convention, during which time it will be open to the general public at the National Museum of Australia (, an outstanding venue with extensive experience in presenting major exhibitions.

The Art Show is being promoted widely and exhibiting artists will receive excellent exposure and opportunities to sell their work.

Key Conflux 3 Art Show dates:
First pre-selection entry submissions close 27 March
Exhibiting artists announced on or before 7 April
Second pre-selection entry submissions open 10 April
Second pre-selection submissions close 28 April
Second round of exhibiting artists announced on or before 8 May
Art Show opens to the general public 2-9 June
Art Show exhibits at Conflux 3 9-12 June
Art Show awards presented 11 June

In addition to the Art Show, Conflux 3 will also feature the largest film festival to be held at an Australian science fiction convention, for which entries are also now open.

To download Art Show rules, submission guidelines and application forms visit

For more information email the Art Show Director at or phone +61 421 005 511.

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Quatermass Exhibition At BLOCspace

blocspace gallery sheffield quatamass gallery showBLOCSpace are putting on an art exhibition based on Nigel Kneale’s 50’s sci-fi classic ‘Quatermass‘.

This is happening at BLOCspace gallery in Sheffield from 8 to 23 April.

The artists, a.a.s., have constructed a film/television set in the gallery inspired by Quatermass, featuring a video work in which ‘presenters’ report on a mysterious event. The artists will be doing a performance from inside the installation on 7 April at some time between 7 and 9pm.

I’ll have more details, including pictures, coming soon.

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