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Free SciFi Shorts From Bob Lock

More scifi shorts are over at Bob Lock’s site. They’re free and in HTML or ebook format. Well worth a read.

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Plastic From Retro-Juice

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Plastic From Retro-Juice

Brussels International Festival Of Fantastic FilmNow here’s an idea: Put together ideas for a full length script, film it initially as a 15 minute mini-movie, screen it FREE to scifi enthusiasts with the view to accumulating feedback and ideas for the full length feature film to be filmed later on.

Beth Timbrell of Retro-Juice Productions Ltd is spreading the word on just such an idea:

“Here’s hoping that some of you will be interested in coming along to see a great new mini-movie for FREE in London. Basically I’ve been working on a short film (just got accepted into the Brussels Festival of Fantastic Film!) with a great new director making a mini version of his feature script which is going to be filmed next year. Its “a pumped-up overblown thriller of a teen-flick that gets rudely invaded by sci-fi as the class reject stalks the prom queen but gets more than was advertised on the packaging…”

We’re really looking for as many true sci-fi fans to come along as possible to give us some genuine feedback but I’m sure you’ll like it, we even have some limited edition DVDs that’ll be available afterwards.

Theres going to be a Q&A with the director and actors afterwards and hopefully Noel Clarke (Doctor Who) will also be able to be there as he cameos in the film and is set to star in the feature version too.

Be great if you let me know if you are interested so I can send you all the details on it, so email me on If you want, you can check out the Retro-Juice site which will give you a few sneak previews but be great to see you down here & might even chuck in a free tub of popcorn too!”

I’ve included the Director Mark Davis’ blurb sheet which Beth sent which contains his reasons and goals behind the movie. You can download it here.
A snippet of which is, “I mean to question the very formulaic construction of these films [Hollywood high-concept movies] and ask whether the audience is demanding them or whether commerce is dictating them.”

Also, the press pack is available here. I just love the tagline to Plastic - “…and I knew there was something wrong with the girl, the first time I killed her…”

Both downloads are zipped and in PDF format.

The viewing is at the Curzon Soho, from 6pm on Wednesday March 1st.

And if that isn’t enough you’ll find some promo images from the Plastic mini-movie below.

Plastic Mini-Film Screen Stills
Plastic Grin
A Plastic Grin

Plastic Lucys
Plastic Lucys

Plastic Gun
A Plastic Gun

Plastic Bed
A Plastic Bed

Plastic Stalk
The Plastic Stalk

If you wish to go and do get in contact with Beth, then please include a reference to SF UK Review.

And of course, I’ll be there (let’s just hope it’s not plastic popcorn they provide!). Seriously though, I think it will be an experience for both sides of the fence; the people working on and in the movie and for the people viewing it.

There will be a writeup of the experience once I’ve been to the screening.

See all posts regarding Plastic: including a review, more screenshots, a bit of fun, and an interview with the director M. Davis.

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