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Deja Vu: Ian Hocking

A Multithreaded, Thought Provoking, SciFi Thriller.
deja vu ian hocking
Published by UKA Press, Déjà Vu is Ian Hocking’s debut novel.

The premise, at first glance, looks quite simple. It is 2023. Scientist David Proctor is running for his life. On his trail is Saskia Brandt, a detective with the European FIB. She has questions. Questions about a bomb that exploded back in 2002. But someone is hunting her too. The clues are in the shattered memories of her previous life. She has only hours to decipher them.

From the on in, it becomes a mesh of time lines which you really need to concentrate on - which is actually part of the fun of reading it. It is nicely written and has many suprises, especially in the first half and right at the end. It encompasses classic time travel with other SF ingredients (which I won’t mention specifically) - but which work together very well.

It is action packed, much like a (dare I say it) Bond story, in so much as it encompasses many countries, includes fast vehicles (sprinkled with technology), has some pretty cool weapons (though, not over the top so), fight scenes and some neat gadgets. Scene structure is pulled off well, with each flowing nicely into the next.

The story balances technology and people nicely, having the right mixture of both - the character building doesn’t overshadow the technology, and visa versa. There are some well thought out uses for technology, some of which I think are unique. Interaction between the characters is well thought out. I feel a prequel could easily be expanded using the character which is Saskia - especially in the context of her earlier life.

It is always a nice suprise to see a debut novel such as Déjà Vu. Thoroughly recommended.

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