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GAMERZ The Movie

The writer/director Robbie Fraser has pointed us in the direction of GAMERZ, a fantasy-themed comedy movie which premiered at Interaction in August (

He doesn’t know if you managed to catch either of our screenings there, but they have had a very warm response to the film both from within and outside the fan community, and they’re now honoured to have been nominated for the BAFTA Scotland / Cineworld Audience Award.

The Award is decided by text vote, and, while they are at the disadvantage of not having had a general release yet (fingers crossed it will happen early next year), the reaction they’ve had suggests that if they can get the word out to people who may have seen the film, they may be in with a shout, even against the big boys of the Scottish film jungle.

Unfortunately they don’t have a direct means of contacting people who may have been in the audience at Worldcon, Gaelcon or Icon (they reckon around 1100 people will have seen it in Glasgow alone), therefore they want a bit of help with spreading the word to anyone might have seen it.

Robbie continues, ‘The voting system is simple: anyone who wishes to support our film texts ‘FILM GAMERZ’ to 81800 from a UK or European mobile. The texts cost 25p over the odds (which is not too much of a sting, I hope!), and the competition closes on November 7.

I very much hope you can help us - we’re very proud of the film, and see it as a loving tribute to the RPGer / chronic fantastist inside all of us. (There is even a good dose of spurious Philip Pullman style physics in it, parallel worlds, etc.)

Despite our various preview screenings, the film has not been made available for review, pending our final distribution deal’

You can see the official site here, which includes a trailer, cast information and photos.

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British Second Hand Bookshops

I suppose it’s hardly suprising, but there is a decline of second hand bookshops, as reported by The Independent.

This is a real sad state of affairs. I mean, nothing can quite match the walking into a bookshop, slightly dusty, with the bell tinkling over the door. Walking around the slightly musty shop, perusing shelves upon shelves of books (and if you’re lucky, and you’re in Sheffield, you get to climb ladders to the top shelf too). Finding a treasure which might have been on the shelf for years, something out of print, or very rare. Picking out a book, maybe opening it to read the first few lines. Finally walking out with bags of books stuck under your arms.

Online books (in particular second hand books) might be cheaper online, but you can’t beat the actual second hand bookshop experience. I, for one, would pay a couple of quid more for a book after finding it in a real, physical, shop with character.

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SciFi Girls Vs SciFi Guys

Well, well, well.. it seems that a shift in male/female viewers of SciFi has changed, according to SciFi UK TV. Female Science Fiction viewers now outnumber male for the first time.

It appears this is because there is now a shift in programmes. Long gone are the days of the 60s where the central theme was a robot or machines. Geek girls are latching onto the well written, witty, character driven stories (mostly based around a leather clad central character - Ben Browder or Keanu Reeves).

I liked the quote from Anne McMeekin, a 29 year-old web accessibility officer from North London, “People have an impression of sci-fi fans being small men who sit in the dark watching Star Trek but it’s not like that now.” No,no,no. There are cool sci-fi fans too!

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Michael Caine To Star In The Prestige

Michael Caine In The Prestige Picture

Via Variety and SciFi Wire, it has been announced that Michael Caine has been signed on to the cast of The Prestige. As previously reported, this movie is based on the novel by Christoper Priest, and it seems to be accumulating a commendable cast and crew. Of which I am glad they are bringing on board English actors, as The Prestige is set in England.

Let’s hope he only manages to blow the bloody doors off - being cast as an older magician who teaches magic, this is quite possible.

Norra lorra people know that.

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Worlds Best SciFi From New Scientist

The New Scientist have published results on their ‘World’s Best Space Sci-Fi Ever‘ poll.

I think they’re better off sticking to science. Firefly, overall top? Serenity, overall second? Don’t get me wrong, these are classy science fiction shows, but surely they’re not the first and second best of all time. At a pinch, the new BSG is better than those.

I suppose it’s because Firefly/Serenity are in the forefront of people’s minds after the movie was released recently.

But even so, I’m glad Star Wars IV, V and VI were present in the top 10 films. Though Star Wars IV, in my mind, is the best of the three. And The Day The Earth Stood Still - classic ye olde scifi.

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